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7 Ways To Increase Spotify Streams & Followers

spotify streaming followers

How do I increase my Spotify streaming numbers?” has to be one of the most frequently asked questions by our followers on Instagram.

In today’s world where music streaming has become the mainstay, it is very important as an artist to grow your fanbase on DSP’s (Digital Streaming Platforms) like Spotify, Apple music and Audiomack.

We decided to make a list of ways artists can increase Spotify streaming numbers and gain more followers.

1. Submit Music To Playlist Curators

Submitting music to Spotify playlist curators and getting them featured is not as easy as people make it out to be. The easy part is sending the mail. Curators consider a lot of factors before selecting songs for their playlists. One thing they look out for is value.

These curators have invested their time and energy in creating a playlist of a particular standard, a standard that appeals to you that you want to be a part of. It is only right for these curators to be selective. Curators prioritize artists who look good (branding) or have a good following over artists who aren’t active on their socials and have no influence or a following.

One thing artists fail to realize is that these Digital Streaming Platforms need artists as much as artists need them. Spotify’s curation team is always on the lookout for new music to update their playlists with. The more ways they can get people to stay on the mobile streaming app, the more money they can make.

2. Create Your Own Playlist

What are you waiting for? As an artist, one of the simplest ways to get more streams and gain followers is to curate your own playlists.

Mind you, the playlists aren’t supposed to be just about you. Your followers want to know your interests in music. They want to know the other artists and genres you listen to. The artists whose songs you feature may also be obliged to feature yours in theirs. This should however not always be transactional, you should like the songs you feature or else the playlists would look inauthentic.

3. Build Your Brand Image

As an artist, you ought to have a strong brand image. This is not only vital in getting featured on playlists but it also speaks volumes about how you see yourself as an artist. A lot of people easily confuse branding with mean-mugging and taking professional photos with expensive clothing but that is not it.

Branding in music has to do with channeling the energy from your style of music into a consistent visual style and identity. In a way that, hopefully, builds the kind of cult following that causes your fans to want to do everything that has to do with furthering your music career.

4. Contact Music Blogs

Music blogs are a great way to get your music heard! A lot of people found their favorite musicians by searching for brand new content on their favorite music blogs. Getting featured on music blogs helps artists reach new audiences. For African musicians, you can reach out to blogs like Unorthodox Reviews, NativeMag, Culture Custodian, Zikoko and OkayAfrica. These blogs will feature your music on their blogs and playlists as long as they like it.

5. Get an Email List

An email list is one of the most important tools artists should have as part of their arsenal. It is a tool that needs constant updates. It is necessary for artists to make new connections with stakeholders of the music industry as well as a list of their fans. Sending your music to your fans and some industry people makes them feel special since it seems you have them in mind. Some of the industry people either have playlists of their own or/and links to curators, helping you increase your stream numbers.

6. Share Your Spotify links on Social Media

Get the most out of your social media platforms by posting your music links regularly. You can find creative ways to do this since your followers will not be pleased if you are always trying to sell them something. An artist like Blaqbonez always finds creative ways to get newer people on to his music. If you have a website, you can embed songs and add follow buttons to direct users to your Spotify page.

7. Ask Your Music Aggregator For Help

Seeking assistance from your music aggregator is always a good thing to do. They are an email away from helping you with any problems you may have with your streaming numbers. Some aggregators have direct links with people working at Streaming platforms like Spotify and they can get you on essential playlists or on strategic sections on the streaming app or website for more visibility.

There are a lot of music aggregators to choose from- the popular ones include Ditto Music Distribution, Amuse, Distrokid, Soundrop, and AWAL. In Africa, we have Crux Global, a Ghanaian owned digital distribution and management company, and Gojë Music Distribution based in Nigeria.

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