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Herman Suede Recounts Experiences on the Come-Up on Newly Released “Star”

Herman Suede

Teen sensation Herman Suede gives us his second single of the calendar year dubbed “Star”.

Herman Suede‘s latest single quickly follows earlier released feel-good jam “Free”. Written and performed by Herman Suede himself, he recounts his experience as an up and coming artist on “Star”.

He sings about the difficulty he personally faces and wonders what it takes to make it to the top as an artist. He raps about the stereotypical perception of what a “Star” is; buying cars, houses, and having lots of money, and sarcastically yearns for that. He, however, finishes off by claiming he’s actually unbothered by the glitz and glamour. He accepts the difficulties as part of the journey and vows to continue working hard to make music that lasts forever.

Listen to “Star” here:




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