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“How Dare You?” Herman Suede Queries on His Debut 2024 Single

Herman Suede

Herman Suede’s compelling 2024 debut release “How Dare You?” sees the young artist delve into the depths of love’s complexities.

Kicking off 2024 with a captivating tale of love and intrigue, Herman Suede follows up on the success of his EP “A Wonderful Time” from November 2023. Delighting listeners with tunes of enjoyment and joy, he now ventures back into the realm of romance.

Herman Suede is never one to shy away from creating art around the intricate dynamics involved in the process of love and courtship. Throughout Herman’s catalogue, he has always been vocal about how attraction and love can leave him disoriented, act out of character, and even leave him over-committed to another individual.

“How Dare You” is a unique release from Herman as it reframes love into a kind of pain and discomfort, in which he questions his love interest’s audacity for having so much control over him with her beauty. He describes the feeling of losing himself, drifting away from other things that should take priority in his life because he is so enamored with her.

Produced by G.V Made It, an 18-year-old Ghanaian producer, “How Dare You” is an Afrobeats song, with soothing guitar riffs and licks scattered throughout. The drum patterns and instruments are reminiscent of cultural dance folk tunes, and all these factors come together to create a feeling of new-age highlife seen through the eyes of a Gen-Z artist. The beat compliments the song by giving it a jovial bounce to accentuate the joy that love brings, while Herman’s lyrics provide the tension and overwhelming nature of love that occurs internally with lovers. Herman also includes a popular Ga chant in the chorus of the song from the Homowo festival, a celebration to denote the end of hunger, which in this case, is a celebration of the end of not experiencing this kind of joy and excitement for an extended time.

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!