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A Step-By-Step Guide To Organizing A Disco Party

A Step-By-Step Guide To Organizing A Disco Party

A disco-themed party is a fun place to socialize, dress up and enjoy decade hits. You can also set your disco party to correspond with a particular decade to make it more fun.

Guests can have the opportunity to dress up and dance the night away under the glittery disco balls. If you want to throw a great disco party successfully, follow this step-by-step guide. Armed with these instructions, you’ll throw a great disco party that your guests will remember and go down in history as a great host.

1. Let The Music Set The Mood

It’s not a real disco party without some funky disco tunes. You can hire a local DJ and fill in on which disco songs to play, or visit at Simplysoundandlighting to see what sound options are available. If you’re throwing a decade-specific disco party, make sure the music comes from that decade.  

Music has the power to alter the atmosphere of the party, so if you notice that your guests are not dancing as much, make sure you have some energy-boosting songs on the playlist. To make it fun, you can even have a karaoke portion of the party, where guests participate and belt out their favourite disco songs.

2. Pick An Amazing Location

When choosing a location for your disco party, ensure it has ample space. Disco music encourages people to dance and be energetic, so your location should have enough space for guests to move around, dance and house all the guests. So, pick a place depending on how many people you invite. But if you plan to invite many people, peruse your local classifieds for locations you can hire.

3. Set A Budget

Setting a budget sets the standard for your disco party. If you have a large budget, you may have a more vibrant location with more flashy decorations. However, with a small budget, you can still have access to a simple location and make it vibrant with simple decorations. Your entire budget has to pay for the disco party, so prioritize what you want the most.  

If music is your priority, make sure you have enough money in your budget to hire a cool DJ or hire quality sound systems. And if food and alcohol are your priority, your budget should cater to a bartender and a bar.

4. Get Creative With Some Lighting Options

When disco music was at the peak of its popularity, it was synonymous with bright, colourful lights and music that made you want to dance. And to keep with the theme, get creative with your lighting options and different coloured lights with interesting designs. Your guests should feel transported when they enter your party.  

It has been synonymous with disco and will also help reflect the colourful lighting across the room. LEDs are an affordable lighting option that can recreate disco magic and come in various colours.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Organizing A Disco Party

5. Decorate Tables To Match The Theme

Seating and table options are very important at a disco party. When guests have lit up the dance floor, they will need a comfortable place to catch their breath. It’s also where they can have their meals and converse throughout the party.  

Decorate your tables to match the disco theme such as putting small disco balls at the centre and creative vinyl table mats where guests can place their meals.  

If you have assigned seating, you can personalise each table by dedicating a disco song to each guest by putting in the vinyl as a placemat. Your guests will love the little personal touch and have convenient conversation starters.

6. Set Up A Photobooth

Having a photo booth is a fun, less invasive, and creative way to make sure you capture some memories at a disco party. And shy guests will appreciate the privacy in the booth; instead of a photographer taking their picture.  

If you are throwing a costume-themed disco party, a photo booth creates the perfect opportunity for candid pictures of all your guests in costume. The pictures are also available immediately if you get a polaroid photo booth, making it convenient for guests to receive them. You can also set up a photo booth where all the guests can have easy access to it throughout the party.

7. Create Your Menu

To tickle the taste buds and prepare delicious meals for your guests, you must create an amazing menu. Whether serving a variety of finger foods or a full course meal throughout the night, make sure your menu is memorable. You can hire a catering company or a chef that will be in charge of the entire menu.  

When it comes to the menu itself, you can decorate it to suit the party’s theme. And you can also get creative with the dish and drink names. However, make sure they correspond with disco music, for example, naming an alcoholic drink after a famous disco singer or naming a dish after a disco song.

8. Send Out The Invitations

The number of people you cordially invite to your disco party is important in establishing location, seating, and the menu. When sending out invitations, make sure that they correspond with your theme. Many online apps can help you generate quality-themed invitations, and some of them are simple to use, even if you’re not a graphic designer.  

You can also personalise invitations by adding cute little anecdotes for each guest. If you want to keep it nice and simple, ensure that your invitation delivers all the important information, such as location, time, and dress code.


By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to host a fun disco party. Make sure you set a budget and decide on how many people you invite, as this can affect the location you choose and how much food and alcohol you’ll be serving. Knowing you made it all happen on time; your guests will have the time of their lives. 

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