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The Spotlight’s on Gemini Major with new Standout Single, ‘Ooh La La’ ft Ayra Starr

Gemini Major

The spotlight is on multi-platinum producer, artist and songwriter, Gemini Major, with his latest standout release, Ooh La La, featuring Africa’s fastest rising artist, Ayra Starr.

Inspired by real-life and the challenges encountered in relationships, Ooh La La is about endearment and reassuring your partner or love interest. Ayra Starr’s lyrical standpoint provides an intimate woman’s perfective, and her tonality encapsulates the sonic balance Gemini Major was looking for.

Gemini Major

With an air of mutual respect and fandom, the duo connected on Instagram and collaborated on a song that is a true reflection of Gemini Major’s musical journey as an African artist and producer. Being a super-producer has often made people forget that he is also an artist. Ooh La La is a reminder that Gemini Major is just as talented when he wears his artist hat.

“I hope my fans will connect with me on a more sentimental and personal level. I hope to grow with my fans as I embark on this new chapter of my career,” expresses Gemini Major.

Stream Gemini Major’s ‘Ooh La La‘ featuring Ayra Starr:



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