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10 Features a Musician’s Website Should Have

Features of a musician website

As a musician, having a good looking website just doesn’t cut it. There are a couple of features all musicians should have on their websites in order to get your fans and followers hooked!

We compiled a list of features we believe all musician websites should have. Check them out below:

1. Contact information

This seems obvious, but you want people to be able to reach out to you. Whether they are fans or potential venue owners looking to book your band, you want to be sure they have a valid email address or other forms of contact. Be sure to frequently check your inbox and respond to those who are reaching out to you. Digital channels of communication are appreciated because people can reach out instantly, or on their own time.

2. Social media links

You want your website visitors to choose how they want to keep up with your band’s news. Give them the option to find you across the web so they can check up on you whenever and wherever they want.

3. A way to listen…and buy

This will often be one of the main reasons someone visits your site. Whether they’ve heard your stuff before or are just dying to hear their favorite song again, make it easy for them to find your mp3s and purchase links.

4. Gigs

Your fans are super pumped to see you play live. Make it easy for them to find out when you’re playing and how to get there. Provide as much information as you can. Addresses, start times, ticket fees or door charges, and any insight you have about the venue.

5. A well written biography

Spill a little bit about yourself. If a venue is trying to let people know what to expect when you play your show, they’ll often go here and borrow what you’ve written. Go beyond the typical elements of a biography and really share your story. If you’re a band, explain how you all met, what your influences are. Add something personal about each of the members if you can. If you’re a solo artist, share how you got started in the music world.

6. Blog or video blog

Post frequently. Did you have a blast at your last show? Say so! Did one of your bandmates do something hilarious? Write about it. Are you super grateful for every fan you have? Let them know. Have a last-minute show pop up? Spread the word.

Your fans want to hear from you and feel connected to you. A blog or video blog is one of the best and easiest ways to keep in touch with them. It also gives people the incentive to return to your site frequently.

7. Newsletter sign up

We’ve already covered the reasons for needing a newsletter. Using your website as a collection source is a no-brainer. While social media platforms may come and go, you will always own your email list. Use your list to promote gigs, merchandise, events, and anything else that you want your fans to know about.

8. Photos

High-resolution photographs are a great addition to your site. You’ve invested time and resources into making sure your website is polished, make sure your photos are too. While you might not need to hire a pro photographer, make sure your images are high enough resolution to fit their intended space without being stretched.

9. Links to any press or promotions you are included in

Did your local paper write about you? Did a venue or fan post a review of one of your shows? Link to the articles so people can get some outside perspective about your music.

10. A way to track visitors

You can get really complicated with this, but even using just the basic features of Google Analytics or Jetpack for WordPress can give you great deals of insight. Check up on your traffic and analyze it to see how effective your social media promotions, new releases, and blog posts have been. When you see something that is working to drive traffic to your site, you can start to tailor your strategy around what has been most effective.

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