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Ebro Spotlights Paradigm Shift as Major Labels Prioritize Thriving Afrobeats Over Dead Rap

Ebro Darden

According to a recent hot take by prominent American radio personality and DJ Ibrahim Jamil “Ebro” Darden, major record labels increasingly favor Afrobeats and Latin music over hip-hop.

The internet became a battleground of opinions when “The Ebro In the Morning” co-host, took to Twitter to disclose information he had acquired from an insider within a prominent record label. This revelation indicated a shift in the interests of major labels, diverting their attention from hip-hop artistes towards African and Latin music. Ebro Darden elaborated on this shift, attributing it to the perception that rap music had grown monotonous and uninspiring. He further pointed out that the rise of TikTok’s influence had adversely affected the depth and effort put into musical creations.

A multitude of perspectives emerged in response to this revelation. Some voices aligned with Ebro’s viewpoint, contending that numerous emerging rappers were adopting a repetitive style, often glamorizing violence, and prioritizing clout over artistic quality. These critics maintained that such content resonated primarily due to its appeal on social media platforms.

Conversely, another group cast the spotlight on the record labels themselves, asserting that they were grappling with a realization of diminished control over the artiste market due to the prominence of independent promotion through social media. The labels, they argued, were growing uncomfortable with this shift in dynamics.

Amidst these deliberations, it’s crucial to acknowledge the incredible ascent of Afrobeats on the global stage. This musical genre has evolved into an undeniable force, transcending geographical boundaries. Noteworthy artists have risen to fame within the Afrobeats genre, with a significant share of the limelight now belonging to them. Recent instances include Asake’s remarkable feat of selling out the prestigious O2 Arena in under two years of gaining prominence, Rema’s triumphant world tour and domination of Billboard charts, Ayra Starr’s ongoing world tour, and Tems’s widespread international appeal. These rising stars exemplify the new wave of Afrobeats talents.

Even the stalwarts of the Afrobeats genre are making their mark. They have achieved multiple sold-out shows in arenas and stadiums, secured chart positions, and earned certifications. This trend has piqued the interest of major record labels, as Afrobeats artistes appear increasingly alluring for record deals, drawn by the potential to partake in a burgeoning movement that is capturing global attention.

Ebro’s tweet can be seen as a clarion call, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop, urging a re-evaluation of the current state of the genre. Notably, Nigerian rapper, Blackbonez, earned a spot on a list compiled by Rolling Stone for the commemoration of Hip-Hop’s 50th year anniversary. With Afrobeats leading the charge, it’s important to credit the individuals who have played pivotal roles in propelling this movement forward. The world is embracing this musical phenomenon, and it’s evident that the potential for further growth and influence is boundless.