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Nigerian American-based singer and songwriter, Demi Thomas Releases ‘Check am’ ft Teni

Demi Thomas

Nigerian American-based singer and songwriter, Demi Thomas is out with new song ‘Check am’, featuring popular and lovable Nigerian singer Teni.

The PD produced ‘Check am’ happens to be her debut single off her impending body of work. It was mixed and mastered by Lelo.

Demi Thomas has had a passion for music for quite some time. She started her professional career in 2012 as a gospel musician. Still holding on to her lyrical decency and postive messages, Demi later evolved into a more contemporary musician, blending a variety of afro-influenced genres.

Explaining why she decided to work with Teni on this particular song, she said: “I feel like the world having to see two plus size girls on a song and on a possible video is what has never been seen. I feel like she’s a queen of my kingdom and you guys don’t understand how difficult it is to be plus-sized and try to be in this industry. You really don’t.

“Even to just be plus-sized and live in a society, if you don’t have a certain pride and confidence that you place on yourself like a crown while walking on the streets, no one is going to recognize you. So, what could be a better outcome?”

“I thought Teni would have been the best for that. Also her style.. she has this unserious way of singing that’s just so nice and I felt like I needed that ginger, that unserious ginger but a meaningful unserious ginger that she gave to the song. She added that flavor to the song and because I also knew that it might be difficult for me to go to Nigeria, for any reason to feature with an artist. I’m sure when it’s time for the video, I wanted to do it with someone that was also American and which she is, so her coming to America anytime any day is never going be a problem”, she concluded.

Stream ‘Check Am’ by Demi Thomas below: