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CWBY shows the “TrapStar” in him with new single


“Trapstar” is the recent release of the rapper and singer CWBY. Produced by “Plantez” who fused a multi-genre track with electrifying energy and directed by O Soloman, “Trapstar” displays a raw appeal that has managed to electrify the audience. The track blends country rock with undertones of hip-hop to ooze vigor and create an instant spark.  “Trapstar” has the right punch with pulsating basslines, heavy metal sounds, and the exceptional voice of CWBY.

CWBY has stripped his soul of all the pain through his blazing lyrics in “Trapstar”. It talks about the heartbreak and failed relationship of CWBY. How his trapped life did not let him be the man the love of his life wanted him to be. His fast-paced life that revolved around business and money has all the glitz and glamour but no place for love to thrive. CWBY evolved to realize that he is destined to be a trapstar because there lies his power and he will not trade it for anything. The song leaves an ever-lasting impact with a sense of individuality and personal freedom.

The video features CWBY in a new look that puts his strength and passion on full display. It has a dark setting that synchronizes with the pain in the lyrics. The smoky backdrop is symbolic of the fire inside him. He plays the dual role of the singer and the lead in the video lighting up the whole screen. The video reveals both his pain and power at the same time. How he sacrificed love to become the king of the world that he is trapped in. It has fame, wealth, beauty but somewhere true love is missing. It’s the demon inside that has made him the way he is and now he doesn’t want to look back.

CWBY enters the screen as a singer accompanied by instrumental musicians in the background. The song starts on soft overtones and suddenly picks up the beat to reveal the Trapstar in him. CWBY graced the screen in different looks that left the audience spell-bound. His sharp features, the cowboy hat accompanied by his chiseled physique, and stunning tattoos have a mesmerizing impact. 

CWBY shows his talent for switching from lower tones to high-pitched notes effortlessly. His expressions perfectly portrayed an amalgamation of sadness, strength, insightfulness, shrewdness, and passion. At times, CWBY was somber while in the next scene he was a shrewd businessman who values nothing except money. This will invoke a range of emotions for viewers. The reckless yet controlled acting compliments the mood of the song. “Trapstar” is a song about being unapologetically honest about your dark side. CWBY has bared his emotions in this song that connects with people across the world who have experienced the pain of failed relationships. The video ends with CWBY leaving the screen walking towards the dark smoky backdrop keeping the audience in suspense.

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