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Bony-B Releases Energetic New Track “Bye”


Sweden-based Congolese artiste Bony-B, also known as Bony Bolia, is making waves with his latest single, “Bye.”

This vibrant track, self-produced by the artiste himself, is the first glimpse into his upcoming full-length project, and it’s already turning heads with its infectious beats and vibrant energy.

“Bye” is a lively fusion of Afrobeats rhythms and vivid electric guitars, creating a sound that is both contemporary and rooted in tradition. Sung in a mix of Lingala and Swedish, the lyrics of the song speak to the universal experience of moving on from a failed relationship. Bony-B’s message is clear: love is important, but sometimes it’s necessary to let go and prioritize self-respect.

Drawing inspiration from his Congolese heritage and his experiences living in Sweden, Bony-B effortlessly blends elements of Afro ndombo, Afrobeat, Afrotrap, and Swedish Afropop in his music. His versatility has garnered him a global following, with listeners from all corners of the world appreciating his multilingual and genre-defying approach to music.

With “Bye,” Bony-B showcases his ability to create music that is not only catchy but also meaningful. His uplifting performances and infectious charisma have solidified his reputation as a dynamic live artiste, earning him recognition from organizations like Sensus Musik Stockholm and support from the Swedish Culture Council.

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!
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