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Blenna Shares New 2-Pack Single — ‘Don’t Cage Me’ and ‘Hot on a Plate’


Rising musician Blenna has the music world buzzing with excitement over the release of her much-anticipated 2-pack single ‘Don’t Cage Me’ and ‘Hot on a Plate.’

‘Don’t Cage Me’ is a powerful, liberating anthem that resonates with anyone who’s ever felt confined by societal expectations or personal limitations. The song opens with a haunting melody which quickly builds into a beautiful song that tells a story of defiance and commitment to living life on her own terms while walking her desired path and shaping her destiny. Blenna’s soothing vocals coupled with the songs captivating lyrics take listeners on a journey of introspection. It encourages them to break free of all limitations, embrace their uniqueness and forge a path for themselves while maintaining their authenticity. ‘Don’t Cage Me’ is simply Blenna charging her listeners to break free and soar like the eagles they’re meant to be.

On the other hand, ‘Hot on a Plate’ turns up the heat with its sultry up-tempo vibe. The song is an anthem for people who essentially want to enjoy the finer things in life. From the first beat, listeners are drawn into a world of pulsating rhythms. Blenna beautifully fuses different genres to create a danceable, infectious sound that’s uniquely her own. Her vocals, infused with the vibrant energy characteristic of an Igbo girly as herself, are both commanding and playful. This cleverly adds an extra layer of allure to the song while essentially captures its message of celebrating enjoyment.

With ‘Don’t Cage Me’ and ‘Hot on a Plate,’ Blenna has not only delivered two unforgettable songs but has also set the stage for what promises to be an exciting next chapter in her career. The songs are proof of how she is not afraid of pushing the boundaries of her sound, exploring new musical territories and evolving as an artiste. They also demonstrate her commitment to creating music that is not only entertaining but meaningful and impactful with timeless messages.

Blenna is a dynamic artiste whose music seamlessly blends Afrobeats and R&B, reflecting her wide range of musical influences. Her journey began early, marked by her participation in talent shows and her role in her church choir, which sparked her deep love for music. In 2019, Blenna launched a singing page, sharing covers and freestyles that quickly captured attention and enthusiastic support. This led her to release her debut single. Today, Blenna continues to push her artistic boundaries with tracks like ‘Don’t Cage Me’ and ‘Hot on a Plate,’ constantly exploring and evolving her unique sound in the music industry.

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!