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Top 10 Best Afrobeats ‘A Colors Show’ Performances

Tiwa Savage: Top 10 Best Afrobeats 'A Colors Show' Performances

Discover the vibrant pulse of Afrobeats with our pick of the top 10 performances on ColorsxStudios’ A Colors Show series.

Known for shining a spotlight on talented musicians, ColorsxStudios has perfectly captured the true spirit of Afrobeats with its A Colors Show series. Join us as we showcase the genre’s most unforgettable highlights and standout performances, showcasing the rich variety and exciting energy of Afrobeats music.

1. Oxlade — KU LO SA

This COLORS performance is undoubtedly the most significant Afrobeats performance ever featured on A Colors Show. Oxlade took the stage with an unreleased song, cleverly titled as a deconstructed form of the word “Closer.” The performance of this track left nothing to be desired; Oxlade’s charisma, stage presence, and vocal prowess were exceptional, earning him widespread acclaim. The performance was so impressive that it sparked a TikTok challenge, where users attempted to recreate it, leading to a massive surge in its popularity. Months later, Oxlade officially released the song, and it gained further recognition with a remix featuring Camila Cabello.

2. Rema — Bad Commando

Before Oxlade’s “KU LO SA” made waves on the scene, Rema’s A Colors Show performance reigned supreme, impressing with his unique and captivating style. Right from his stage presence to his distinctive props, Rema’s performance stood out. He wielded his signature items, a teddy bear wearing a balaclava, adding a unique visual element to the performance, and instead of the typical booth setting, he opted to perform while seated, further setting him apart. Rema delivered the song with extraordinary vocal prowess and a strong stage presence, translating into an awe-striking performance. He also had a separate set for his song “Fame,” on the “A Colors Encore” segment, where he delivered as well.

3. Libianca — Jah

Following her immensely successful track, “People” Libianca released “Jah,” and a month later, she delivered a mesmerizing performance at the ColorsxStudios. Her set exuded electrifying energy, captivating listeners with her impeccable vocals that flawlessly carried the song’s theme of gratitude to Jah for His continuous blessings. Libianca’s performance created an enchanting atmosphere, as her presence seemed to embody the essence of her song, leaving a lasting impression on the listeners.

4. Ayra Starr — Ase

Ayra Starr performed a single that later featured on the deluxe version of her debut album, “19 & Dangerous.” She delivered a spectacular performance that left the audience in awe. She first captivated the audience with her stunning full pink attire, which was not only eye-catching but also visually stunning, she then dazzled the crowd with her silky-smooth vocals, showcasing her incredible vocal prowess. Adding to the overall enchantment, Ayra incorporated subtle yet captivating choreography, further enhancing the entire experience.

5. Victony — Many Men

Victony, possessing one of the most unique and striking voices in the Nigerian music industry, effortlessly graced this Colors performance with his signature style. In this heartfelt single, he delves into his reminiscences of past struggles, all while touching on his near-fatal accident and miraculous recovery. This heartfelt performance stands out as not only exceptionally beautiful but also profoundly significant. Victony’s ability to channel his personal experiences into his music resonates deeply with his audience, making this rendition a reflection of his artistry and resilience.

6. Teni — Trouble

From the hard-hitting percussion to Teni’s captivating delivery and the infectious vibe that the song exudes, this performance stood out as something truly special. In 2022, Teni graced the ColorsxStudios with an outstanding performance, effortlessly blending her distinctive voice with her unique persona, resulting in a truly beautiful and unforgettable musical experience. The powerful percussion, along with Teni’s incredible vocal talent, crafted a performance that deeply resonated with the audience and made a lasting impact.

7. Tiwa Savage — Attention

The Queen of Afrobeats delivered a performance befitting her regal status. In this track, which had been released earlier on her Celia album, the live rendition breathed new life into the song, endowing it with a refreshing perspective. Her vocal coherence and her graceful bodily gestures combined to create a truly spectacular performance that captivated the audience from start to finish. With each note she sang and every move she made, she showcased her unparalleled talent and undeniable prowess, leaving no doubt that she truly reigns supreme in the world of Afrobeats.

8. Boj — See Me

One of the major pioneers of Alté music delivered a stellar performance on A Colors Show. Boj performed the track “See Me,” which was later included in his “Gbagada Express Vol 2: Moving Mad” album. His calm and collected demeanor, as well as his expressive hand gestures, perfectly conveyed the braggadocious theme of the song. What truly crowned this exceptional performance was Boj’s remarkable vocal prowess, which undoubtedly stands as a major highlight in his career. His ability to effortlessly blend style and substance showcased his unique talent and further solidified his status as a trailblazer in the Alté music scene.

9. Joeboy — Spiritual Gbedu

There has always been something special about Joeboy, and he certainly proved it with his recent A Colors Show set. From his flawless performance to the thematic focus of the song, which emphasizes his ability to deliver “spiritual gbedu,” Joeboy showcased his exceptional talent in every facet. This performance proved that he stands head and shoulders above the best in the industry.

10. Bnxn — In my mind

Two days before releasing his “Bad Since ’97” EP, Buju gave a live rendition of one of the studio singles at the ColorsxStudios. To no one’s surprise, everything about the performance was perfection. The theme of the song is centered on unreciprocated love and pretense in a relationship, and Buju’s delivery was nothing short of impeccable. With a rather melancholic demeanor, he delivered the set, perfectly capturing the mood of the song, and left a remarkable performance that left a lasting impression.

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