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Aymos announces debut album with new single “Jemeni” ft Focalistic


Two-time SAMA nominated amapiano prince and soul singer-songwriter, Aymos, announces upcoming debut album with a new single release titled “Jemeni” featuring Pitori Maradona, Focalistic.

The big energy track exudes confidence with lyrics translating to “I’m untouchable, I’m on another level, I’m in a different lane”; a fitting narrative when two of South Africa’s young game changing artists come together.

Aymos shares: “The song means so much to me. It’s the first song on the project, and the reason it’s titled “Jemeni” is because we know that German cars are a racing success, they bring a confident attitude, have supreme technology and give people what they want.”

Aymos Jemeni

He adds: “Jemeni is a great introduction to the whole project, which features people I know my supporters have been waiting to see me collaborate with. I’ve seen that people are hungry for my album and I’m happy to say that finally, it’s coming. I’ll be giving people all of me. I’m a vocalist, but in this album, there’s a bit of Afro-pop, amapiano dominates and there’s even one song with a hip hop feel.”

On “Jemeni”, Focalistic shares: “Aymos and I take a different approach on the song. From the language to the style… I’m talking about my mom and he’s talking about dreams. The song is a perfect marriage. As much as we’re different, we’re the same.”

Stream “Jemeni” by Aymos featuring Focalistic below:



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