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Asake’s Epic Return to Crowd Surfing After Afro Nation Portugal Mishap


In June 2023, popular Nigerian Afrobeats icon Asake made all the headlines with his failed crowd-surfing attempt at the Afro Nation festival in Portugal.

On the first day of Afronation in Portugal, Asake, the Nigerian Afrobeats icon, was feeling adventurous and decided to step out of his comfort zone. Completely absorbed in the electric atmosphere of the audience, he impulsively took a leap of faith. With immense enthusiasm, Asake jumped into the crowd, fully expecting to be caught and embraced by their outstretched arms. However, to his surprise, the crowd hesitated, fearing potential injuries. Their reflexes kicked in, and they instinctively dodged his airborne presence. Sadly, without their support, Asake found himself descending to the ground, as the crowd was unprepared for his spontaneous maneuver.

The incident stirred up a whirlwind of controversy across the online realm. Funny comments, concerns about safety, and defensive statements flooded the internet as Asake became an instant trending topic for days following the mishap. While fortunately, he didn’t sustain any major injuries, critics pointed fingers at Asake for recklessly putting himself in harm’s way. On the other hand, his defenders argued that he was merely trying to connect with his devoted followers. Amidst the buzz and virtual uproar, intriguingly, Asake chose to remain silent and never addressed the incident directly.

Asake made a striking and unforgettable comeback to crowd surfing during his performance at the Broccoli City Festival. This time, he left nothing to chance and prioritized his safety by making sure his security detail was fully prepared. They skillfully supported and held him up throughout his energetic set, guaranteeing that he wouldn’t face the same fate as he did at Afronation. It’s evident that Asake has learned valuable lessons from past experiences, demonstrating his growth and determination to create memorable moments without compromising his well-being.

Asake’s performance at the Broccoli City Festival was truly unforgettable, and it marked a significant moment of redemption for him. With his previous mishap behind him, he took the stage by storm, leaving the crowd in a state of sheer excitement. Every attendee had an incredible time, dancing and vibing along with the Afrobeats icon. It was a collective experience of pure joy and celebration. Asake’s triumphant comeback sets the stage for even more thrilling performances in the months to come. Fans can look forward to catching him live on his upcoming tour dates in August and September, where he’s sure to deliver unforgettable shows once again.

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!



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