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Alex Aiono Continues To Soar With New Song ‘Played Out’ ft Jake Miller

Alex Aiono

Prolific 25-year-old multi-talented musician Alex Aiono makes preparations to share his most honest project to date. ‘Played Out’ ft Jake Miller happens to be the lead single.

Alex Aiono got into music very early in life. Growing up as a Pacific Islander (Maori Samoan), music played a vital role on Alex. At age 7, he started playing the ukulele, drums, and piano. Later on, he started making his own renditions of hit songs, a hobby that has garnered over a billion views on YouTube, 500 million streams on digital streaming platforms, 6 Million followers across socials, sold-out tours around the world and even landing movie roles. Early this year, Alex starred in the Ian Bryce produced and Jude Weng directed film Finding Ohana. In 2020, he dropped The Gospel at 23, an 8-track album that saw him deep in the mix of gospel truth-telling, stark hip-hop swagger, alternative ambition and pop bliss.

Alex Aiono

On his new song ‘Played Out’, we witness a side of Alex we’ve never experienced. It is a portrayal of what Alex is today; a record producer, writer, and performer. According to Alex, he is on a journey to continually reach deeper. Alex finds himself on an anthemic instrumental singing about his journey thus far. He reflects on all the struggles he’s encountered and expresses gratitude for overcoming them. He shares, “I think at our core as humans we consistently lose the forest for the trees when we are in the thicker situations of life. It’s not until you’re out of the woods or have overcome what it was you were going through that you get to see it all for what it truly is. Whether it’s love (as I refer to in the song), a career, a long-term goal, or any budding and flourishing situation, sometimes you have to stop and appreciate how everything ‘played out.

With every release, I see more of me in my music. This next era truly will be the deepest I’ve gone yet, and as I live more life and dive further into who I am, I plan to share it with the world.

Alex Aiono

Alex Aiono has a great future ahead. His versatility is comparable to none. He writes and produces his own music, he’s had the pleasure of collaborating with artistes like John Legend and Jon Bellion and secured starring roles on major networks. Alex Aiono has the knack to become one of the greatest superstars the world has ever seen.

Stream ‘Played Out’ by Alex Aiono below:

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!