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South African Music News

AKA: Cruz Vodka deal opened doors in the beverage sponsorship industry


South African rapper, AKA, has made an emphatic statement regarding his influence on the onset of beverage sponsorship deals across the industry.

This comes after he announced parting ways with the brand, Cruz Vodka, after a six-year partnership with them.

This move will mean Cruz Banana is off the market this summer, whilst the phasing off of the Cruz Watermelon bottle will begin this summer.

Taking to Twitter, AKA has this to say:

“Cruz Watermelon opened up the entire industry. 90% of the deals that exist today are because of that collaboration.

Despite the bitter-sweet journey between himself and the alcoholic beverage brand, he has decided to work with the management of Cruz Vodka in the building of his own vodka brand.

Stream ‘Composure’ below:



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