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10 Afrobeats Songs Guaranteed to Make You Text Your Ex

10 Afrobeats Songs Guaranteed to Make You Text Your Ex

In the aftermath of a breakup, it’s only natural for memories to resurface unexpectedly, often triggered by familiar songs that tug at our heartstrings and prompt us to ponder reaching out to our exes. In this article, we embark on a musical journey through 10 captivating Afrobeats songs that possess the power to evoke those feelings. Prepare to be swept away by melodies that stir memories, possibly nudging you towards revisiting past connections. Here are 10 Afrobeats songs that are guaranteed to make you text your ex.

1. Mr Eazi — Miss You Bad (ft. Burna Boy) 

The 2018 song from Mr Eazi‘s “Life Is Eazi, Vol. 2 – Lagos to London” album, aptly titled “Miss You Bad,” is a musical journey that undeniably ignites a rush of emotions. In this collaboration, both artistes, Mr Eazi and Burna Boy, skillfully navigate the complexities of a toxic relationship, delving into themes of cheating and revenge. Despite the chaotic narrative, it beautifully expresses the feeling of longing and the heavy emotions that come with difficult relationships. The heartfelt lyrics show a strong wish to fix things and save the relationship from falling apart.

2. Bnxn — Toxic

In relationships, some people struggle after a breakup. One person might stick around, even though it hurts both of them. Curiously, amidst the hurt inflicted, a peculiar phenomenon often emerges – the enduring flame of love. Even when separated, the allure of rekindling what once was becomes irresistible, akin to an irresistible longing for danger. This song steps into the emotional labyrinth of reconciliation, serving as a catalyst for those caught in the complex dance of love and separation.

3. Joeboy — Don’t Call Me Back (ft. Mayorkun)

The lyrics of this Joeboy song vividly portray the emotional turmoil stemming from an estranged partner who has been consistently hurtful and inconsiderate. Delving into the depths of the narrative, the lyrics unveil a last-chance offer, emanating from a place of profound longing and dependency. The song masterfully captures the pain of heartbreak, showcasing Joeboy’s ability to convey complex emotions through his music.

4. Bnxn — Loose Emotions

In this touching song, BNXN masterfully crafts lyrics that provide solace for anyone dealing with the heavy emotions of leaving a toxic relationship. The song explores the initial stages of expressing feelings, offering comfort like a warm blanket. But amidst this emotional refuge, there’s a tricky situation – a delicate balance between freedom and the lingering feelings of attachment and longing.

5. Davido — Jowo

This track from Davido’s 2020 “A Better Time” album embodies the essence of a love song, delicately expressing admiration for a partner’s beauty and earnestly pleading for affection. The emotional narrative within the lyrics sets the stage for potentially intense pleas for reconciliation in a strained relationship. The song skillfully captures the subtleties of romantic emotions, exploring the vulnerability of begging for love.

6. Bnxn — Pidgin & English

Breaking away from the usual storyline found in many songs, this track stands out by placing the blame for the relationship troubles on the artiste, Bnxn. He openly admits to making mistakes and takes full responsibility, without shifting blame to his partner or alcohol. Through sincere regret and a heartfelt apology, the song becomes a sincere confession, capturing the complexities of personal responsibility in relationships. Bnxn skillfully tells a story through his lyrics, not only admitting his faults but also declaring his enduring love. This unique approach creates a powerful connection, allowing listeners to relate to the artiste’s emotional journey with honesty and vulnerability.

7. Fireboy DML — Like I Do

This energetic song by Fireboy DML has lyrics that speak to both love and heartbreak. In the love part, it tells a story of strong affection, showing a perfect match. The lyrics express the happiness and unique bond of a deep connection, celebrating the joy of love. But in the heartbreak part, those same lyrics become a plea for getting back together, expressing sadness.

8. Bnxn — In My Mind

In this track, Bnxn, known for his emotional depth, explores the chaotic world of a toxic lover he narrowly escapes. The story reveals lies, cheating, and other wrongdoings that trap him, echoing past experiences. But in Bnxn’s unique style, he tells the story with finesse, hinting at vulnerability and a strong desire for something more through subtle details.

9. Burna Boy — Pull Up

This timeless Burna Boy song offers a unique take on reconciliation, moving away from the usual themes of longing and dependence. Instead, it takes a strong approach, expressing the sentiment of “I miss you, and I know you miss me too.” This clever move taps into the vulnerability of longing, almost urging the estranged partner to take action with the directive to “Pull Up.” The song’s brilliance lies in its ability to change the story, turning a typical theme into a strong statement.

10. Bnxn — For Days

This track shines as possibly the most convincing option for contacting an ex. It gently captures feelings of longing and vulnerability that go beyond many others, touching deep within. The song uncovers even hidden emotions, connecting with those who have felt the ups and downs of lost love. The artiste skillfully moves through emotions, creating a vibe that not only recognizes the pain of being apart but also uncovers subtle feelings and layers of heartbreak.

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