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10 Best Afrobeats Songs About Drinking and Alcohol

Libianca - Afrobeats Songs About Drinking and Alcohol

In this article, we take a spirited journey through 10 of the best Afrobeats songs about drinking and alcohol.

Musicians have touched on themes of drinking in various ways within the Afrobeats genre, whether as a coping mechanism, a metaphorical expression often tied to love, or simply drinking for the fun of it, songs centered around alcohol have become a rising trend. Exploring the prevalence of alcohol-themed tracks in Afrobeats, this article delves into 10 standout songs that talk about drinking culture in the genre.

1.  Joeboy – Sip (Alcohol)

This 2020 viral hit went absolutely bonkers! The song, which addresses the act of drowning one’s sorrows and worries in alcohol, went viral on TikTok. Initially drenching themselves in water, TikTokers later escalated to alcohol, palm oil, and various other liquid substances. As the challenge spiraled out of control, Joeboy took to social media to voice his concerns. The artiste in a later interview with said: “The single isn’t about drinking oneself blind; it’s an ode to chilling out and escaping life’s worries.”

2.  Libianca – People 

Released in 2023, this viral hit made waves on TikTok and across the internet. With the attention-grabbing opening lyrics: “I’ve been drinking more alcohol for the past five days, did you check on me?”, the song resonated deeply with listeners. Inspired by her own mental health struggles, Libianca crafted a message about the importance of checking up on friends, being there for each other, and staying vigilant to changes in behavior. This chart-topping single earned the Cameroonian songstress the BET Viewers’ Choice International New Act Award in 2023.

3.  Omah Lay – I’m A Mess

Since his emergence on the scene, Omah Lay has rapidly established himself as the trailblazer of the “Afro-Depression” sub-genre, with many of his songs offering introspective reflections into his mental state. This standout single from his 2022 debut album, “Boy Alone”, epitomizes this reputation. On “I’m A Mess”, Omah Lay candidly seeks solace from his mental health struggles, finding temporary respite in shots of cognac as he vulnerably confesses, “…I can never be sober.”

4.  Burna Boy – Last Last

Following his breakup with British-Jamaican rapper Stefflon Don, Burna Boy reflected on the challenges of their relationship on “Last Last,” a hit song that serves as both a breakup anthem and a party banger. Emphasizing the need for marijuana and alcohol to numb the emotional pain stemming from the heartbreak, Burna Boy belts out the catchy refrain “I need igbo and shayo” through the song.

5. Chase Forever ft. Mugeez – Boozeman Anthem

This track is a gem from our archives, hailed as a major hit circa 2014. Extracted from Ghanaian R&B heartthrob Chase Forever’s debut album, the song vividly depicts the vibrant club scene of a Friday night in Accra, capturing the excitement of enjoying local liquor, mingling with women, and embracing the city’s nightlife. Featuring a captivating verse by Mugeez of R2bees’ fame, the song’s title suggests it’s the ultimate soundtrack for a wild night of revelry!

6.  KiDi ft. Stonebwoy – Likor

Although the song’s title cleverly alludes to liquor KiDi emphasizes it isn’t specifically about alcoholism. In an interview with, the singer clarified that the term “Likor” serves as a metaphor, delving into the challenges faced by individuals who have yet to experience true love, even though they engage with multiple partners.

7.  KiDi – Champagne 

While his earlier track on our list may not directly center on alcohol, there’s no denying this one titled “Champagne” certainly does! With the infectious line “Champagne for my pain,” this song is an ultimate party starter—an anthem encouraging us to seize life’s moments and revel in the joy of being “outside”!

8.  Kofi Kinaata – Confession

With the title “Confession” implying an admission of mistakes, the singer confesses to God that he’s messed up and requests divine guidance while attempting to drive home after a night of drinking. Despite Kofi Kinaata’s intention for the song to discourage driving under the influence of alcohol, it ironically became the anthem for nearly every drinking spot and pub in Ghana upon its release in 2017.

9.  Chike – Pour Me A Drink

“Pour Me A Drink” is the ninth track on Chike’s 2022-released studio album titled “The Brother’s Keeper”. On this introspective melody, Chike delves into the complexities of heartbreak, shattered promises, and the sting of betrayal inflicted by a once-trusted loved one, all while seeking succor in the form of a stiff drink. With emotional depth, Chike croons, “Pour me a drink in a cup, tell everybody say I don lock my door.”

10. Omah Lay – Bad Influence

A defining single in his career ascent, Omah Lay’s “Bad Influence”, released in 2020, intricately tells the story of a lover who seemingly shattered his heart. Set against a backdrop of a melancholic yet captivating beat, Omah Lay bares his soul, vividly recounting how the pain of heartbreak propels him towards alcoholism, ultimately leading to dire consequences as his doctor diagnoses him with liver damage.

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