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Discover World Music: 9 New Songs From Across The Globe

Bobby Marks New songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Bobby Marks, Jonathan Bo, Amal Fashanu, and more.

1. Mercer – Strangers

American talent Mercer drops a luscious rendition of pop music labeled “Strangers”. With a delicately enchanting and lovely voice that delivers lyrics from a personal perspective, Mercer uses the single as a medium to touch on changing relationships and circumstances. “Strangers” is a suitable summer track for your playlist, with captivating beats and an ethereal charm that easily draws you in and leaves you musically fulfilled.

2. Bobby Marks – Sucker Punch

Mastering all the elements of his craft, American singer, songwriter, and music producer Bobby Marks mirrors his spiraling versatility in the newest pop tune “Sucker Punch”. Bobby Marks has a lot of potentials and his flawless productions constantly exhibit that. With regards to the single “Sucker Punch”, Marks adds: “Sucker Punch is a lot more metaphorical than the inane love song message of the lyrics. The song is about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and taking a chance on an opportunity. To me, this song is about the eye-opening experience of a flirt with fame. It’s about taking a chance on achieving my dream.”

3. Amai Kuda et Les Bois – Oshun

A dazzling and soothing Afro vibe for your urban playlist, “Oshun” is the latest track from Amai Kuda et Les Bois. Led by singer Amai Kuda, they invariably delve into different genres while focusing on generating exquisite pieces that are savory. Drawing power from melodic cultural sounds and lyricism, “Oshun” is in honor of the water deity Oshun from the native Yoruba. Oshun is a good deity with many good and powerful qualities. Graced with lush instruments, the soulful atmosphere oozing from the tune is pure bliss.

4. LZRD – Cold Nights

Electronic dance music powerhouse LZRD releases an appealing new tune titled “Cold Nights”. The American producer is a commercial success and has maintained a commendable profile over time. With crunchy guitar works and irresistible layers of enchanting vocals, the dance track ruminates with bright energy you will adore.

5. Jonathan Bo – Hit That Low

Swedish singer and songwriter Jonathan Bo emerges on the scene with a new classic and promising rendition inspired by Alternative/Indie R&B, Electro Pop, and  Alternative Pop music. Jonathan Bo has a lot of experience with music but this is his first commercial release. “Hit That Low” stems from an emotional context; focusing on the difficulty of parting from things that are no longer necessary in our lives.

6. Xy Bird – Irrelevant

With shimmering instrumental works blended with well-trained vocals, promising British duo Xy Bird release their second single “Irrelevant” after the first labeled “Leave It” in 2021. Traced with alluring synths, smooth guitar works, and delicately enchanting vocals, “Irrelevant” is a must-have in your playlist. The song touches on the possibility of being in love with someone.

7. Amal Fashanu – Lean On Me

In anticipation of the upcoming EP New Beginnings in September, multifaceted British Amal Fashanu drops a new smooth and bouncy vibe titled “Lean On Me”. Blending elements from Afro-pop and R&B, the groovy soundscape throws Fashanu’s dynamic talent into the limelight. The single carries a positive outlook; giving someone assurance of their trust in you.

8. Doxy – Breathe

Gracing the music scene with lyrical goodness, proficient Irish musical duo Doxy emerges with a thought-provoking single named “Breathe”. The single constitutes traits of Electronic Dance music and Alternative Pop. “Breathe” speaks directly to everyone struggling with certain thoughts and emotions that consistently flood the brain from time to time.

9. Tortured Soul – Your Body Doesn’t Lie

America’s music group Tortured Soul (made up of John-Christian Urich, Jordan Scannella and Isamu MacGregor) compound their good musical profile with another masterpiece titled “Your Body Doesn’t Lie”. This mix showcases different works from DJ/Producers fka Mash and Atjazz. The single discusses the road to true happiness and how rocky the journey can be sometimes.


Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...