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4 Play EP: Eugy Album Review

eugy 4play EP

London-based Ghanaian act Eugy’s newly released project “4 Play” EP is an intimate love tale told in four chapters.

With his previous compilation project “Flavourz” EP dating back to 2017, Eugy has thronged the airwaves with an intermittent slew of fresh sounds within the 3-year gap, of which 2018’s “Tik Tok” and “L.O.V.E”; along with last year’s triple threat of “Lolo”, “Rendezvous”, and “Hold Me Down” are notable mentions.

Eugy 4play EP tracklist

This project marks the return of a more prolific Eugy. Aptly titled “4 Play”, the EP title is a triple entendre referencing the sensual mood of the tape, the number of songs it houses, and the fact that it is a precursor to a monumental follow-up project. Speaking to us in a brief interview about the inspiration behind “4 Play” Eugy said:

“Love fears no one! When you get caught by it, you just have to enjoy the ride. ‘4 Play’ is just a short love tale.”

Eugy Official

He went on to compare “4 Play” to his previous projects saying:

“I feel like ‘4 Play’ is a level up on my previous projects. Even as a sound you can hear that it’s different. It is more well put together, well thought of. I spent a bit more time on these songs writing about things people generally go through, so I feel like a lot more people can resonate with it.”

“4 Play” explores an intimate love story, from the moment two lovers meet to the ensuing drama that usually unfolds. The album opener introduces us to the psyche of the protagonist prior being love-smitten. Throughout the intro, Eugy seems completely focused on making money moves, up until the last few seconds of the song where he seems quite distracted. Apparently, the music video for the trap-influenced sing-rap tune, is the first installment of a visual series based on the project.

Watch “4 Play: Intro” visuals below:

The tape quickly moves on to the second and third tracks — “Forever” and “Feeling” respectively. The former, the album lead, runs in sharp contrast with the album intro sonically. “Forever” is characterised by a more colourful and upbeat production, fully immersed in African sensibilities. On the Afroswing number, Eugy returns to his trademark style of fluidly combining English with native Ghanaian slangs as he promises his lover forever!

Co-produced by Bassey and Nonso Amadi, “Feeling” mimics the sentimental tone and afro-infused soundscape of “Forever”, but takes the tempo a few notches down.

Watch “Forever” visuals below:

With this love tale having more twists than your favourite soap opera, the last song: “Love Blind” has the plot reaching a breaking point. On the soulful R&B number, Eugy croons over enchanting guitar strings, recounting the heart wrenching details of his infidelity. “Love Blind” is undoubtedly one of the standout tracks off the project.

Unlike majority of your favourite contemporary afro-influenced projects, “4 Play” sees Eugy settle on a relatable theme, based on which he tells an intriguing tale. The EP has the makings of a perfect precursor project. Spanning a duration of just over 8 minutes, the brevity of the project leaves you yearning for more. “4 Play” is auditory foreplay indeed! Eugy now has our eardrums worked up for the “main act”.