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Discover World Music: 4 New Songs From Across The Globe

NYA New songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from NYA, Ayla D’lyla, Maddie Ettrich and Mike Baretz.

1. NYA – Side Effects

Accomplished American singer and songwriter, NYA rebounds with a clever and soulful construction dubbed “Side Effects”. The contemporary anthem flaunts impeccable vocals from NYA, brilliantly reinforced by exquisite instrumentation. The single “Side Effects” revisits the frustrations and emotions that come with self-identity when a person encounters adulthood. “That true path could be the picket fence or something much wilder, but so many people never really have the opportunity to define that for themselves. I want to make sure that I do”, NYA reveals. 

2. Ayla D’lyla – To Be A Girl

American artiste Ayla D’lyla flaunts her exquisite and infatuating energy with the new production “To Be A Girl”. Presenting dreamy synths, sharp instrumental sidelines and Ayla’s signature of enthralling harmonies, D’lyla effortlessly brews a hypnotic sound that gets the listener immersed in her soothing vocals. The new anthem encompasses a relatable theme. D’lyla explains: “To Be A Girl” is a letter to all of the girls who have lost themselves in the midst of a relationship. We often measure happiness by the romance existing, or not existing, in our worlds. Many of us tend to lose ourselves living in this state of fantasy and passion.”

3. Maddie Ettrich – Everybody Loves Cake

Taking inspiration from various artistes such as Maisie Peters, Olivia Rodrigo and Melanie Martinez, Canadian singer and songwriter Maddie Ettrich resurfaces with her cutting-edge aura and reverberating introspection. Ettrich drops a commendable electro-pop anthem with an interesting figurative title “Everybody Loves Cake”. The single is relationship-themed; drawing attention to an ex trying to reinforce their toxic traits by crashing a party.

4. Mike Baretz – Wrong

A multifaceted singer, songwriter and music producer with a notable discography, Mike Baretz is continuously amassing good streaming numbers across all platforms. His distinctive and authentic style is noteworthy; a blend of experimental sounds that highlight his authentic signature. “Wrong” is his newest single and accompanied by pleasant guitar licks and chill-inducing instrumentation, he hints at self-realization after a relationship comes to an end.