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Discover World Music: 25 New Songs From Across The Globe

Juju Rogers New Songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Zahyia, Dax, Kay Slice, Juju Rogers, VStar Ma and more.

1. Capital Theatre- Delicately Poised

Popular rock band trio from New Zealand, Capital Theatre (Paul Reid, Adam Stevenson, Roy Oliver) assemble another commendable rock number with their latest single. “Delicately Poised” gives a little preview of the album A Hero’s Journey. With an infectious blend of vocals, guitar, and keyboard, the single has a catchy vibe. “Delicately poised” hints at an attempt to shut down noise to focus on self-realization and identity.

2. Soorebia- Star

From the camp of BBT records, rising Afrobeats talent Soorebia kicks off the new year with a single titled “Star” from his album Bag Of Rocks. Although new on the scene, Soorebia has had an impressive run already. With inspiration from growing up in the Northern territories of Ghana, The Next Rated Artiste award winner explores Frafra language and English in his lyricism. The catchy string of beats and lyrics makes the single a laudable addition to your playlist.

3. Burak Bacio- Vibes

Vibes is a fun, party vibe, upbeat and catchy single by Burak Bacio. The American music producer and Dj continuously assembles many invaluable pieces from different genres to secure an engaging and infectious swing; as demonstrated in the latest single “Vibes”. The ideal choice of title depicts the whole message of the song; setting everything aside and having a good time by partying. 

4. Andy Norling x Specikinging- On Demand

Renowned & versatile Swedish producer Andy Norling switches to a fusion of Afrobeats and Dancehall in his latest melodic drive. He features the talented Nigerian artist Specikingking, with a fusion of his vocals and an angelic female tone to match his. The constant male and female switch of vocals boosts the concept of the song’s diction; a strong demand for love and affection between a man and woman ready for a committed relationship.

5. Armin van Buuren x R3HAB- Love We Lost ft. Simon Ward

Two dynamic and dominant figures in the DJ/Producer wing, Holland-based Armin Van Buuren collaborates with R3hab, a Moroccan/Dutch DJ for their latest project of the year. Both DJs delve into numerous genres and their powerful collaboration indirectly communicates their credibility as music producers. The single is typical Electronic Dance music; with a four-beat measure kick or bass drum, and then a downbeat. The vocals of the single are flawlessly delivered by Canadian singer/songwriter Simon Ward. The captivating and catchy vocals depict reminiscing over the pain of an ended relationship and hope of reunion. The fusion of a flawless electronically produced string of beats and a party vibe makes it a memorable feat.

6. Hmidas- Miroir

French Hip Hop is a multifaceted and prevailing terrain that has claimed dominance over the years. It is the second largest after the USA. Released by Distrokid, “Miroir” is a single by French- Moroccan songwriter, producer and composer Hmidas. It is the second single from his upcoming album. The lyrics are in French but don’t impede the creditable construct of a luring and winsome hip-hop vibe for non-speakers. 

7. SNBRN x Tudor x Discrete- When We’re Awake

Released by Ultra Records, “When We’re Awake” is a collaborative piece from SNBRN (American DJ/Musician named Kevin Andrew Chapman), Tudor (Toronto-based DJ named Tudor Nenoiu) and Discrete (Swedish artist/producer named August Ramberg). The fraternization of the multi-talented trio breeds this catchy and fun electro-pop tune. “When We’re Awake” is a song that delineates persistence despite the harsh realities of life. This perfection is a good asset for your song compilations.

8. Shiah Maisel- Really Love You (feat. Afrojack)

American singer/songwriter Shiah Maisel joins forces with Afrojack (Dutch DJ named Nick Leonardus Van de Wall) for their new musical exploit. The cutting-edge single is an Electronic Dance Music production that centers on love and relationships; an engaging piece that questions whether one was “really in love or playing a game”. The single is impeccable for a groovy party sensation.


9. Zahyia- Man in the Mirror

A soulful and beautiful rendition of Michael Jackson’s single is conferred by the artistic and gifted singer Zahyia. Zahyia Rolle is a songwriter/musician from Rochester who is gaining a lot of recognition for breaking musical borderlines. The single is part of her album released this year titled Chapter 45; a clever composition of soulful and emotionally indulging songs. Zahyia adorns “Man in the Mirror” with her alluring vocals that easily capture the listener in her musical web of pure bliss.

10. Dax- Dear Alcohol

Nigerian Canadian rapper, singer and songwriter Dax (Daniel Nwosu Jr.) starts off the year with another applaudable single “Dear Alcohol” which follows the release of the EP Pain Paints Paintings in 2021. The immense fraction of streamers and subscribers Dax has illuminates his outstanding pilgrimage as an artist. “Dear Alcohol” hints at alcohol addiction; a universal topic that many relate to. Dax admits to writing the single for those suffering in silence and adds this piece is very personal to him. People turn to alcohol to escape from the realities of life “thoughts get drowned till I feel alright.” This top-notch and magnetic number is a great inclusion for your playlist.

11. TweezDaSwaggyGod- Bad Boy

Produced by Jae Bangem under Yahmerrr records, “Bad Boy” is the latest number by American rapper TweezDaSwaggyGod, (Antoine Allen). Growing up in a tough environment, the rapper has developed a strong staunchness for persistence which inspires his ingenious and adaptable musical career. TweezDaSwaggyGod is noted for his enjoyable and pleasant hip hop drive in his songs and “Bad Boy” is an intriguing switch with elements of afrobeats in it. This song is easily a good option if you’re looking for a blend of hip hop and afrobeats.

12. King Riley- Substance

Love is a beautiful concept and the versatile Nigerian Afro beats Artist King Riley (Diejomaoh Ogheneruona Raphael King) explores this idea in his single. “Substance” is a love inspired anthem comprising lyrics in Nigerian pidgin which presents a cool, calm and soothing vibe to the listener. “Substance” addresses a love subject, praising her characteristics and beauty.

13. YovngB- Crossed

“Crossed” is part of the album Elephant in the Room by South African artist YovngB. He features producer/rapper/singer Zoocci Coke Dope in this piece that centers on love and relationships. The South African duo sync perfectly in this collaboration; a hallmark of dynamic and evolving artists. “Crossed” is about a burdensome love with one wondering whether to carry on or leave. The relatable lyrics are accompanied by refreshing strings of background instrumentation.

14. Kay Slice – Takin It Home

Ghanaian- Dutch artist Kay Slice digs deeper into his creativity with the release of a groovy and fun tune titled “Takin It Home”. The exceptional visuals is characterized by scenes from Ghana which lays emphasis on the general message of the song; revisiting the beautiful culture and country Kay Slice traces his roots. “Taking It Home” has Ghanaian-inspired instrumentation and is part of his Afrobeats album From Back to Back, a 2022 assemble.

15. Womankind – Free Woman

Paris group Womankind conveys a tribute to Olympe De Gouges, the writer of the Women’s Rights & the Female Citizen’s declaration in 1791. With energetic visuals shot in the birthplace of the activist, the single is characterized by a smooth piano, guitar, bass and drum blend with vocals from Sylvie Burger (A Swiss-French singer and songwriter). “Free Woman” as a single is about establishing freedom and breaking societal boundaries placed on womanhood. The beautifully delivered lyrics with inspiration from Olympe De Gouges is a priceless and likable tune.

16. Sippy x Virus Syndicate- Who’s In Charge

Sippy (Sydney-based bass music artist) and Virus Syndicate (British grime collective group) collaborate to produce an electrifying and attention-commanding single as part of their recent works for this year. The energetic uproar is driven by bass-forward sounds, striking instrumentals and powerful vocals. If you need an outstanding grime addition to your playlist, you should consider this masterpiece.

17. Per QX- Can’t Find My Way Home (Radio Edit)

From Walk of Shame Records, Swedish London-based artist Per QX is noted for his adaptable and ear-pleasing melodies. His latest is a rendition of the song “Can’t Find My Way Home” by Blind Faith. It features Swedish May Yamani as the vocalist. The modern composition of the old classic is delineated with an impressive string of dance and party elements. 

18. Dj Crown Prince- Bang

Dubai-based DJ and music producer Dj Crown Prince crafts another attractive dance tune with Walshy Fire from Major Lazer. They team up with Skinny Fabulous( real name Gamal Doyle who is a Vincentian musician, singer and songwriter) on this engaging and party-themed production. Skinny Fabulous’ classic and distinct vocals merge well with the global bass, Amapiano and moombahton strings that constitute the single. The single is a fun and relatable chant perfect for beach and summer party settings.

19. WANI- Silver Spoon Interlude

Uprising Nigerian act WANI starts off the year with a catchy afrobeats and afropop tune titled “Silver Spoon Interlude” the first of two songs dropped together. Written by Ayorinde Ayoku and Trill Xoe, “Silver Spoon Interlude” narrates the struggle of staying on a sane path despite being born with a silver spoon. Being born with a silver spoon doesn’t necessarily mean an easy-going life. Perseverance and demeanor to carry on is a disposition mandatory for all. “Silver spoon raised me but the streets paid me.” The relatable lyrical diction with a smooth and classic merge of versatile rhythms leaves the listener in a divine Afrobeats atmosphere worth experiencing.

20. JuJu Rogers- Royalty

Following his debut in 2015 with From The Life of Nothing German-American artist Juju Rogers(Julian Emmanuel Rogers) has had an impressive run in the music industry. The single “Royalty” is part of his recent work titled Buffalo Soldier Tape-EP. The alternative rap album exhibits the resourceful persona of Juju Rogers as a dynamic artist. Heavily inspired by life with an African American father and a German mother, his exposure to multicultural elements and diverse ideologies is always highlighted in his music. Royalty as a single hints at taking pride in ourselves with clear ideologies and principles from Rastafari.

21. Leonard – Crawl

French Pop is a widely recognized subsidiary of  French music. Leonard carefully crafts another beautiful and catchy French number titled “Crawl” to complement an impressive profile. The alluring and uplifting single with French lyrics will definitely leave the listener craving for more.

22. VSTAR MA – You Alone

From the camp of Grace Boy Records comes a fresh, soulful and vibrant tune from young Nigerian artist Vstar Ma. As his first single for the year 2022, “You Alone” is a love-themed Afrobeats composition. With elements of complex jazzy rhythms and pidgin, the single demonstrates the attractive Nigerian Afrobeats vibe. “You Alone” professes love and assurance to a partner who is held dear at heart.

23. Toasty – Feel It

“Feel It” is an engaging and accessible construct by DJ and music producer Toasty. Gradually making a mark in the music scene, Toasty continuously switches genres and produces laudable integrations. The electronic dance elements make the latest single a perfect party vibe. “Feel It” is about laying loose and enjoying the moment in time. The upbeat dance is uplifting and truly worth a spot in your streaming list.

24. THE FUR – Autograph

Although new on the scene, Swedish artist and producer The Fur is already making waves with distinct features and improved versions of pop vibes that draw listeners in and leave a memorable impression. Distributed by Distrokid, the single is about being manipulated by a dangerous leader as explained by the artist. The melodious chant is a perfect recipe for getting the party started.

25. Hmidas – Angst

Moroccan French Hip Hop artist Hmidas adds to his discography with the release of a second thrilling single titled “Angst”. With lyrics in French and an interesting string of instruments, the song explores a unique style that is freshly distinct and captivating. Hmidas uses this single to demonstrate what he has to offer as a diverse artist.

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!


Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...

Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...

Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...

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