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Discover World Music: 20 New Songs From Across The Globe

Bayku new songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Bayku, Tim Grey, Jswissy, Jack West and more.

1. Yinka – Get Myself Together

Multifaceted British artiste Yinka enters the musical scene with an enchanting soulful new vibe titled “Get Myself Together”. Touching on the thoughts and emotions she struggled with before starting her new journey, Yinka smoothly narrates parts of her personal life in an attractive lyrical form characterized by uniquely soothing vocals and easily understandable lyrics.

2. Lerocque x Bapti – Your Way

With love as the main thematic focus, “Your Way” is a splendid prosecution by artistes Lerocque and Bapti. The collaboration is a modern genius, as the deep house single is a perfect blend of efforts from the two artists who persistently traverse into making the very best of music. “Your Way” relates to the possibility of finding love despite whatever situation we find ourselves in.

3. Skinny Dippers – Boat On The Water

“Boat On The Water” is retrieved from the upcoming album The Town and the City. The calming nature of the single indirectly reflects on the feel of a boat of water on a calm sea, drawing out the main focus of the melodic piece. The lyrical composition makes use of a lot of metaphorical pieces, comparing a relationship to the ways of the sea or water bodies. If you’re in search of a unique and profound vibe, then this single is thoroughgoing.

4. Timmy Trumpet x R3HAB -Turn The Lights Down Low

Collaborations are always a step outside an artiste’s comfort zone but Timmy Trumpet, NineOne# and R3hab effortlessly accomplish an applaudable tune with “Turn the Lights Down Low”. Timmy Trumpet (Dj, record producer and songwriter who plays the trumpet) with NineOne# (a promising soloist) and R3hab’s latest piece is already doing well in the charts. The dance tune is one you will definitely enjoy.

5. HUTS – Love Your Lies

Dutch Production duo HUTS accomplishes another striking dance tune that will sweep you off your feet. Perfect for your club playlists and dance/uplifting moods, “Love Your Lies” is a single that incorporates all the elements of a perfect dance tune. The single features artiste Chanin who opens the tune with smooth vocals that spiral into an engaging dance beat.

6. DJ Mike Klaw x Mohthetrillest – MARTHA

With influences from afrobeats giants such as Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy, French/ Guyanese artist DJ Mike Klaw and promising Ghanaian artiste Mohthethrillest release a new groovy and beautiful rendition of the genre titled “Martha”. The tune is a string of calm instrumentation blended with satisfactory rhythmics. “Martha” centers on the appreciation of a love interest.

7. ÜHÜ – Going Out

Released by the record label CONTROVERSIA, “Going Out” is a new spiraling and powerful dance tune that will sweep you off your feet. Brazilian act ÜHÜ showcases his ingenuity and hallmark with the single, setting himself as a promising talent in the musical scene. The instrumentation is top-notch and uniquely strung together.

8. Tim Grey – 4U

With glistening vocals that easily get you engulfed in the Afrobeats tune, Nigerian artiste Tim Grey renders a promising rendition of Afrobeats music. “4U” is love-themed, centering attention on a loved one. The single draws inspiration from different genres such as RnB, Dancehall and more. The genre-defying masterpiece is commendable and a flawless representation of evolving music.

9. Madam Bandit – At The Disco

British artiste Madam Bandit taps into her creative aura for the production of a new tune titled “At the Disco”. The song is an irresistible electro-pop melody that gives us a gist on the EP Punch You In the Face. The dance floor burner is an exhibit of Madam Bandit’s masterful craftsmanship which beckons you to explore her musical artistry.

10. Bayku x M.anifest – Sake Of Money

Bayku features renowned Ghanaian artist M.anifest on the tune “Sake of Money” which centers on the controversial actions people indulge in because of money. Filled with an inviting rhythm and the constant repetition of “Sake Of Money”, the topic of money is centered on from start to finish. The decadent harmony of Bayku and M.anifest’s vocals and delivery aid in the production of a perfect Afrobeats/Afropop melody to match urban social issues.

11. Daniel Blume – On The Side

Incorporating elements of modern Electronic Dance Music, Irish artiste Daniel Blume commands the scene with an indulging dance anthem titled “On The Side”. Impressively combining as a vocalist, instrumentalist and producer, Blume is an all-round artiste; an outstanding trait that few possess. Laced with rich piano strikes and irresistible hooks, “On The Side” will leave you in a musical trance wanting more from Daniel Blume.

12. VENNA – Echo

Following the release of commercially successful tunes, Canadian gem VENNA introduces us to the single “Echo” as part of her projects for this year. With attention-commanding chorus and striking vocals, the alternative pop anthem is an outpour of emotions from the reflection of a toxic relationship. The semantics, instrumentation and tone that accompany the vocal delivery are a just representation of the frustration, anger and countless emotions that arise as one reflects on such instances that strike on a personal experience.

13. Jswissy – Milky

From Phoenix Sounds record label comes the single “Milky” from Nigerian artiste Jswissy which features Martin v and Fortem.  A magical blend of Dancehall, Afrobeats and Afropop vibes, “Milky” is a groovy gem with a calming yet thrilling sexual tonation. The hovering aura of intimacy is effortlessly secured by the incorporation of groovy bases with vocals that narrate exciting intimate and personal experiences.

14. Kyera x Carlos Santana x Goya Menor – Passion Amapiano KV Remix 

Enchanting vocalist Kyera with renowned guitarist Carlos Santana join forces with viral Ampiano Nigerian sensation Goya Menor in the Passion Amapiano remix by KV Entertainment. Connecting forces from vastly different worlds, the afrobeat remix brings together the two artistes Carlos Santana and Goya Menor. The collaboration is a driving force in expanding ear candy melodies across realms.

15. Sheldon Gava – Garvey Heights

“Garvey Heights” is a Dancehall single from the Reggae album Garvey Heights-EP by Jamaican artiste Sheldon Gava. The single touches on the serious topic of revolution and activists fighting for freedom rights. You will adore this tune if you’re looking for a unique rendition of urban reggae music.

16. Lono Bristol – No Religion Ft. Beenie Man

SOV Music Record Label is out with a groovy tune titled “No Religion” by British artiste Lono Bristol with a feature from ingenious artiste Beenie Man. The groovy anthem is coupled with energetic vocals and catchy rhythms; a production suitable for unfolding an uplifting vibe.

17. Jack West – Finer

Following the release of his 2022 album Numb, American gem Jack West returns with an exuberant spirit in the single “Finer”. The electronic pop production smartly emerges from a personal perspective; driving attention to the experiences West faced as an upcoming artist. “Finer” is written and produced by West himself. The alluring synths beckon the listener to a feel of West’s world.

18. Charis – Open Eyes

The introductory track from the 2022 album Open Eyes, “Open Eyes” is a modern blend of urban commercial pop music by American artiste Charis. The singer/songwriter promulgates her promising profile with gossamer and alluring vocals that transcend throughout the single. “Open Eyes” centers on living your life to the fullest and admonishing your potential in life.

19. Panda Riot – 1000%

Musical band Panda Riot returns with an enthralling dream pop piece titled “1000%”. The catchy anthem with its attention-commanding guitar works introduces musical versatility to the listener. The single is a preview of the upcoming album and talks about how the constant desire for more could lead to a self-destructive state.

20. A Days Wait – Lifeline

Taken from the 2022 EP Lifeline, “Lifeline” centers on the deep connections we share with the people who mean a lot to us. The relaxing, vibrant and infectious swing is by Canadian duo A Days Wait, who has been producing music together for countless years. Released by Fall Back Plan Record, the single demonstrates the duo’s iconic hallmark.