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Discover World Music: 20 New Songs From Across The Globe

Donae'O and Ekeno New songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Jess ETA, Donae’O, Mo Safren, Weirdo, Coldway, and more.

1. Paris Combo – Cap ou pas cap

Paris-based musical group Paris Combo release the single “Cap ou pas cap” as part of the album Quesaco? for the year 2022 which was worked on with the late lead singer, Belle du Berry. The group has heavy influences from different genres and constantly breeds works that are enticing. From guitar, piano, trumpet, drums, vocals and more, each member effortlessly adds to the beautiful music the quintet makes. “Cap ou pas cap” is an appealing amalgam of French pop and Jazz music you’ll doubtlessly appreciate. 

2. Blazey – Analina

Committed to his representation of the world of cultural fusion, the young German artiste originally from Togo establishes pieces based on his external influences. The rising artiste is an Afro German singer and songwriter who concentrates on the genres of Afrobeats, Pop, R&B and more. “Analina” is a smooth vibe brimming with simple yet thought-provoking lyrics conveyed by Blazey’s exclusive vocals.

 3. Cosni1800 – J’ai changé

Consecutive to the deliverance of his second EP La Vista in 2021, ingenious artiste Cosni1800 strikes back harder on the scene with the single “J’ai Change”. The single has its lyrics in French and it is a pure representation of the drive and passion for music Cosni1800 has. “J’ai Change” is an inviting piece that leaves the listener satisfied and drowned in musical goodness.

4. Alex Iva x Jovynn – Your Attention

Famous and prominent figures Alex Iva and Jovynn collide for the production of the new single titled “Your Attention”. Alex Iva is a Ukrainian DJ/producer while Jovynn is a Malaysian Tik Tok star with a large following online. The dance tune is already topping charts, firing up far and wide. The auditory satisfying single talks about one “needing attention from a lover”. The lyrics are simple yet catchy, especially with it being backed by alluring beats that captivate the listener.

5. PAPA Sound x Jamkid – Mannen (Skull Edit)

Released by Icons Creating Evil Art, “Mannen” is a fiery tune by Swedish producer duo PAPA Sound. The single features the passion-driven musical artiste Jamkid. The duo’s passion for music is unmatched and has been producing priceless tunes since its formation. From touching on social issues through brilliant productions and artiste features, PAPA Sound is slowly building domination in the music sector. Just like its instrumentation, the lyrics are fiery and depict an uprising of forceful and strong emotions.

6. Boy Rey – Shining

With influences from Rema, Ckay and Fireboy DML, Nigerian artiste Boy Rey generates a timeless Afropop gem which he titles “Shining”. The single is a vibrant and chilled tune traced with laces of Nigerian pidgin and smooth beats; which renders it a faultless choice for a relaxing experience in the realm of music.

7. Lazer Viking – Yr Body

Expanding his horizons to synth-pop hooks, Prague-based artiste Lazer Viking is back with striking visuals for his latest escapade “Yr Body”. The tune’s theme is love-influenced, with the lyrics centered on the description of a love interest and voicing out his feelings for her. The interesting visuals combined with its brilliant lyricism takes you on an appealing and memorable musical adventure.


Retrieved from his recent 2022 EP ODDBITS, “Mother of Pearl” is an Indie pop production from British artiste Weirdo (Josh Christopher). The artiste is on a creative spiral, constantly moulding melodies that are top charting. His tunes reek of influences from his life with a unique touch-up of his personal style and intriguing lyrics. “Mother of Pearl” is a charming mash-up of different genres which gets you engulfed in Weirdo’s musical adventure.


Weirdo sings about losing interest after waiting fruitlessly for a dream or hope that seems to never come true. The love-themed single is part of the EP ODDBITS, his 2022 production filled with elevating and spiral tunes that highlight the artistry of the British talent.

10. Mo Safren – Good Times (They Come & They Go)

American musician, singer, and producer Mo Safren releases a feel-good and refreshing tune called “Good Times”. The pop tune is a 2022 generation; the first piece from the artiste this year. “Good Times (They Come & They Go)” is an engaging and easily likable dance melody with vibrant and energizing lyrics that will leave you tapping along to the enthralling masterpiece.

11. Coldway – Tu

American artiste Coldway takes us along on a soulful journey with heavy inspiration from 70s music. Filled with vintage synths, the single compounds to his other 2022 single “Sandcastles”. His last studio album was in 2020 with Gold Cupid. The smooth and ear-pleasing instrumentation blends flawlessly with Coldway’s steering vocals that lead you to an insouciant bliss.

12. Rekka x King Thayo – Light One Up

In honor of the popular plant Cannabis/marijuana, comes a delightful rap & reggae fused production titled “Light One Up”. Its lyrics promote the usage of the plant with an alliance between American artistes Rekka and King Thayo. Rekka is a singer/songwriter from Oregon Portland and King Thayo is Trini born but US-based. Rekka appreciates Oregon and its cultivation of marijuana in the single, referring to the drug as a priceless entity. The energetic chorus and beats will leave you bouncing along.

13. Callen- Fooling Myself

Released by Callen Sounds, “Fooling Myself” is a single by American artiste Callen which touches on self-doubt and loss of identity. The number is part of his new album Ghost Reflections. Characterized by smooth guitar strikes and drums with groovy baselines, the commanding and yet alluring vocals are also prominent in delivering engaging and thought-provoking lyrics.

14. CtrlT – On Me

On a mission to consistently induce exclusive numbers, Nigerian act CtrlT compounds his musical escapade with the release of the single “On Me”. With the brute impact of Nigerian afrobeats giants comes this silk, engaging and priceless melody. The single is a medium for making a request to a lover while reminiscing over memories and doubts. CtrlT’s engaging lyrics backed by groovy baselines is a flawless alliance that will get you dancing or bouncing along.

15. Leo Kraz- Guaye

Dominican Republic’s fast-rising urban Latino artiste Leo Kraz releases a savvy and interesting number which he titles “Guaye”. Leo Kraz had early exposure to music and constantly explores different genres. With indulging Spanish metrics, urban rhythms and dance/party vibes, the single is a suitable inclusion for your playlist.

16. Jess ETA – Paralyzed

Young Nigerian singer Jess ETA features PsychoP on his latest rendition titled “Paralyzed”. Jess ETA uses his music to mirror his personal experiences and lessons to the world, and “Paralyzed” is not exempted. Engulfed in love and “burning with desire”, he admits to being paralyzed by the charms of a love interest. However, he is ready for the consequences. This is his indirect way of admitting the possibility of heartbreaks that come with love. The single is part of the 2022 album Playing With Fire. The heavy instrumentals piped with unique vocals render it a priceless creation.

17. Simon Andrews – Majumbum

German DJ and producer Simon Andrews effortlessly crafts another engaging melody with the new single “Majumbum”. Simon explores a range of genres and some include Afrobeats, Afropop and Afrofusion. From production house Spinnup Release, the tune is a refreshing dance vibe with captivating beats and vocals that will leave you estranged in a groovy atmosphere.

18. Kid Alpha – Colours Remix

Nigerian UK-based musical artiste Kid Alpha drops the remix for his enchanting  Afrobeats single “Colours”  He features artistes JKaz and Demmaa in this song. The tune has already amassed enormous numbers across all streaming platforms and is a smooth, relaxing melody with a relatable concept (the desire to take things to the next level with your lover). The single is released by DSRPT Music Limited and Kid Alpha admits the single is backed by personal experiences; written after he fell in love with a girl and wanted to marry her. 

19. Donae’O x Ekeno – Ride With Me

British singer, songwriter and rapper Donae’O collaborates with young British vocalist Ekeno to produce an appealing Afrobeats masterpiece titled “Ride With Me”. Donae’O has made a mark for himself, having worked with many renowned personalities and incorporating personal experiences into music. For his recent musical journey, he highlights his versatility by joining Ekeno for the energetic and refreshing track “Ride With Me.” For a unique afrobeats addition to your playlists, this single is a right fit.

20. Mia Vaile – Lonely Girl

American artiste Mia Vaile fiercely stomps back into the music scene with a unique track, “Lonely Girl”. The song is about feeling engulfed in lies a person told themselves, a feeling that definitely makes a person feel lost on the inside and completely lonely. The single constitutes the 2022 EP, Loner EP ( a compilation of Alternative tracks) that shows off her artistry.

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Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...

Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...