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17 Ghanaian YouTube Channels You Need to Check Out in 2022

Ghanaian YouTube Channels 2022

YouTube is still the biggest online video-sharing platform in the world. Its popularity is so enormous that there are over a billion hours of content watched on their platform every day. Founded in February 2005, YouTube’s evolution and proliferation is meritorious. Contentwise, YouTube has a humongous and ceaseless variation of creators from all over the world, and Ghana is not exempted. 

Ghanaians are spontaneous and full of creativity; with attributes that attract people from all over the world. With wild subscriber numbers, views, and watch hours, they are taking the YouTube scene by storm. In no particular order, here’s our list of 17 Ghanaian YouTube channels you need to check out in 2022.

1. Wode Maya

Born on 8th November 1990, Wode Maya (Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon) is one of the most popular Ghanaian YouTube personalities right now with over a million subscribers. In 2021, he was voted one of the most influential YouTubers from Africa. He is a vlogger, digital media influencer and aeronautical engineer. ‘Wode Maya‘ is a Chinese phrase that means ‘My Mother‘. His passion for vlogging began in China. At that time he hadn’t quite figured out a niche for his channel. Later he decided to focus more on sharing videos from Africa to the whole world. He admits he is on a mission to change the world’s perspective on Africa, and his dazzling videos do exactly that. From visuals, apt narrations and constant diversification, his channel is one you will enjoy.

2. Headless YouTuber

The average YouTuber has their real identity out there with face-to-face interaction with their audiences. This YouTuber however has taken a different approach. Headless YouTuber as his name denotes is literally without a head; a faceless and hidden identity. His content is very interesting and charismatic. He discusses general and trending Ghanaian issues in a very mesmeric manner that leaves the audience wanting more.

3. Jessica OS

Jessica Opare Saforo is a renowned Ghanaian media personality and broadcaster. Her YouTube channel’s surge over the years is very commendable. Jessica throws the limelight on a topic that many can relate to; love and relationships. Her calm yet confidently commanding voice leaves the audience drawn in and captivated. There are Q&A sessions, highlights on people’s experiences and other interactive wide range of topics concerning love and relationships. Everyone is welcome to learn a thing or two. If you ever need an online love/relationship expert, you should consider Jessica’s interactive sessions.

4. Sweet Adjeley

Food is one of the necessities of life; characterized by a never-ending wide range of choices and unfamiliar recipes to try out. With cutting-edge visuals, detailed narration, and well-explained processes, it’s no wonder Sweet Adjeley’s channel is doing so well. Real name McLeana Naa Adjeley Quaye, the Ghanaian chef has built a very solidified brand for herself. You can subscribe to her channel for helpful cooking tips today.

5. Kwadwo Sheldon

This fast-rising star is one of the most prominent Ghanaian YouTubers right now. With a very exclusive twist to the narration of trending events and social issues, the YouTuber has mastered his distinctive style. He is great at adding a humorous twist to deliberating on issues; which makes him a fan favorite. For the music lovers, he also does analysis of newly released songs in a dynamic and unprecedented manner that will leave you wanting more. His organic boost highlights his creativity and ingenuity as a content creator.

6. Ama Governor

Ama Governor’s luscious production is subsequent to a growing number of subscribers. The Ghana-based vlogger has taken vlogging in Ghana to the next level. Her content is always divergent; from videos following her personal life, social experiments, and a mix of prank videos. Ama Governor’s channel is a perfect choice in the sphere of personalized and captivating vlogs.

7. Marintia Eiko

A multicultural YouTuber, Marintia Eiko has a Ghanaian father and a Japanese mother. Marintia gives us a detailed look into these two different sides, which is Japan and Ghana. She shares vlogs about her experiences, trips and daily encounters along with addressing certain social issues and trends. You’ll be sure to be captured by the interesting angle of experiences as she explores her world with you.

8. CampusWithSharkBoy

CampusWithSharkboy has amassed a lot of numbers with his content on YouTube. Focused on the youth, he tours the various campuses and asks them questions on an extensive spectrum of topics. It’s always enthralling to witness different perspectives on a topic from different backgrounds and that is exactly what he has perfected. The educational and entertainment channel has exclusive interviews about relatable issues; which explains its never-ending growth. You should subscribe for quality content if you haven’t already.

9. Laura and Lauretta

In need of a lifestyle and makeup channel? Nothing hits harder than a double force and that’s what twins Laura and Lauretta highlight in everything they do. Apart from being YouTubers, the girls are also entrepreneurs. They have their own makeup line and cosmetics store that is very popular on Instagram. The famous Ghanaian twins’ YouTube channel is about makeup, travel, fun, and life. They dissect a lot of social issues and vlog about their personal life too.

10. Jasmine Ama

Jessica Ama was previously a resident of Australia but relocated to Ghana. With a background and passion for social work, it comes as no surprise that her channel is focused on broadcasting challenges and difficulties people face with hopes of educating others by reshaping social perceptions and decisions. From her experience in moving to Ghana, she bestows videos to people who would like to do the same. For others interested in life in Ghana, she spells out everything about its food, life, culture, tourism and more.

11. Stella Shanelly

Fun, vibrant and energetic Stella Shanelly is a vlogger, adventurer and content creator. She admits she focuses on four aspects; travel, lifestyle, people and culture. She does it so well, you could end up learning a thing or two you didn’t know about the country and other places she visited. From in-depth interviews to handy and clear narrations, her channel is very educational and informative. Subscribe for more!

12. Ivy Prosper

Ivy Prosper is a renowned media personality, award-winning content creator, Pan-African ambassador, author and more. Eloquence is her hallmark and she has a beautiful trait of keeping people interested in her delivery. She reveals a desire to showcase things happening in Ghana and Africa; which is everything her Youtube channel is about.

13. Stay By Plan

This is the YouTube channel for the popular podcast ‘Stay By Plan’. It focuses on everything about Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The hosts of the channel are Afi and Zuu, two lively characters that work so well together. The channel constantly features different personalities and has interactive sessions with them, while keeping the subject on the latest and trending pieces encompassing Accra.

14. The Ghanaian Vegan

Hosted by Zuu, the Ghanaian Vegan explores his life as a vegetarian and shares tips for others who practice vegetarianism in Ghana. He also shares recipes to various dishes you can cook to help your lifestyle journey as a vegetarian. The channel is new in the scene but the channel looks very promising.

15. Audrey Obuobisa Darko

An uprising content creator from Ghana, Audrey Obuobisa is definitely one of the YouTube channels to subscribe to. She digs deep into a wide range of topics that are educational and beneficial (such as tips on investment plans and finances). She also hints a lot at mental health issues that are not discussed enough. Check out her channel for more educational and entertaining content.

16. The Antwiwaa

Classic Accra-based YouTuber Nana Antwiwaa Nuamah has joined the scene with resilience and good traits. Her YouTube channel is a means to fulfilling her lifelong dream; sharing her good/bad experiences as a means of helping and empowering others. Visit her channel today for a lot of insightful and engaging content.

17. EmotionKontrolla

When it comes to music, there is a gigantic endless list of channels but Emotion Kontrolla has raised himself into the spotlight with a unique vibe that ensures the steady growth of his channel. The channel gives prominence to everything music-related; from new album or song releases to trending issues surrounding musicians. Add it to your list of subscribed channels today to enjoy interesting projections of narratives related to the music industry.

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