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10 Olamide Songs That Owned The Streets


Uncover the rhythmic energy of the streets as we delve into 10 Olamide Songs That Owned The Streets.

Rising to prominence in the early 2010s, Olamide has undeniably earned the title of the undisputed King of the Streets. His influence has soared to unprecedented levels, seen in how a mere cosign or collaboration with him ensures street popularity, as seen with artists like YCee, Portable, Asake, and many others. Olamide’s music catalog showcases his talent for capturing the authentic essence of street culture and turning it into chart-topping hits. Here, we explore 10 Olamide songs that have dominated the streets.

1. First of All

It is only fitting to start with “First Of All,” diving into the song’s infectious vibe and recognizing the iconic line he began the song with: “First Of All, Introduction.” This track is a massive street hit, connecting with everyone as they sing along word for word. The song’s appeal isn’t just in its catchy beats but also in the memorable vibe it brings, becoming a cultural phenomenon.

2. Omo To Shan

In 2011, the music world witnessed a standout collaboration between two big names: Olamide and Wizkid. This powerful duo combined their talents to produce a hit that crossed genres. Their musical chemistry was remarkable, with Wizkid leading with his melodious chorus and Olamide impressing with his skilled lyrics, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

3. Eni Duro

Olamide’s first major solo success came with “Eni Duro,” a track that rapidly gained popularity on the streets. The song’s setting, theme, and overall vibe marked it as a typical street anthem, closely tied to city life. “Eni Duro” not only highlighted Olamide’s musical talent but also showed a strong bond with the streets, connecting with listeners who understood the raw and genuine depiction of urban life.

4. Bobo

“Bobo” burst onto the scene like a sonic revolution, acting as a catalyst to reset the industry’s dynamics. The lyrics resonated as a beckoning call, with the striking phrase “Eyin omo wobe” echoing through the air. This anthem was not merely a song; it became a cultural phenomenon. Accompanied by its signature dance, it solidified its place as a timeless hood classic, weaving its way into the fabric of music and dance culture.

5. Loading

Off Olamide’s 2020 “Carpe Diem” album, the song “Loading” featuring Bad Boy Timz became a street favorite, with its lively vibe striking a chord. Beyond its catchy energy, the song also spoke directly to street life through its lyrics, resonating deeply with listeners.

6. Science Student

The controversial song captures the pulsating energy of the bustling urban environment, where street vices like substance use are commonplace. “Science Student” seamlessly fits into this scene, enhancing the lively atmosphere of the party setting. It embodies the spirited vibe where people come together to relax and enjoy themselves. The musician later explained that the song is in no way promoting drug use but rather speaking against it.

7. Pawon

“Pawon” was a track crafted by Olamide, specifically aimed at the “baddies,” but this time, it targeted a particular group—the “trenches baddies.” This dance anthem seamlessly blends catchy lyrics with a street-hit formula, highlighting Olamide’s talent for creating infectious tunes that appeal to diverse audiences.

8. Who You Epp

Olamide is known for his skill in creating songs with lyrics that easily become part of the national culture, resonating with people across the country. One standout example is this track featuring the phrase “who you epp, you don baff who you serve,” which became a popular slogan nationwide. This song not only captured listeners’ attention but also became a cultural phenomenon beyond just music.

9. Wo!!

Every aspect of this song felt like a hit, embracing the street vibe with a simple desire to groove, without focusing much on intricate details or lyrics. It radiated perfection with short, easy-to-understand lyrics smoothly integrated into a flawless beat. The song’s appeal lies in its genuine authenticity, capturing the essence of street life with an irresistible allure.

10. Abule Sowo

Olamide regularly reflects his heritage in his music by incorporating local slangs, catchy choruses, and energetic beats. One standout example is the widely popular track “Abule Sowo,” which holds a prominent place in his collection of songs. The song’s popularity is due to Olamide’s skillful use of indigenous elements, providing a unique and captivating experience for listeners.



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