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10 Best Things To Do At Akosombo

10 Best Things To Do At Akosombo

Only a two-hour drive from Ghana’s capital Accra, the small town of Akosombo makes a perfect get-away location from the fast-life of the city. Located in Ghana‘s Eastern region, in close proximity to the Volta Region and Greater Accra Regions, the haven of comfort, hospitality and natural beauty makes the perfect spot for a fun-filled leisure trip. Here are the 10 Best Things To Do At Akosombo!

Enjoy Scenic Views from the Volta Hotel

volta hotel

Situated on a 12.6-acre land overlooking the Volta Lake (the second-largest man-made lake in the world) and the Akosombo hydroelectric dam. Volta Hotel allows you to indulge your senses as you sip on a cold drink whilst enjoying scenic views from the famous elevated terrace which stretches far and wide over the peaceful lake and the iconic Adomi bridge.

Tour the Akosombo Dam

Akosombo Dam

You can also take a tour of the mighty installations of Ghana’s historical powerhouse – the Akosombo hydroelectric dam which dates back to the 1950s. The construction of the dam flooded part of the Volta River Basin and led to the subsequent creation of Lake Volta – the largest man-made lake in the world by surface area.

Set Sail for Dodi Island on the Dodi Princess

Dodi Princess

The famous three-deck cruise ship has its lower deck air-conditioned, a cocktail bar, an area for barbecue and even a sick bay for emergency health situations. A typical day on the Dodi Princess is characterized by, live band music, scenic views, and barbecue buffets en route the Dodi Island which is 5km from the shores of Lake Volta.

Experience Luxury at the Royal Senchi Hotel

royal senchi hotel

This is the perfect spot at Akosombo to experience a blend of nature and luxury. Facing the seafront in Akosombo, The Royal Senchi Resort Hotel features multiple attractions for guests including two distinct restaurants, a palm lounge bar, a tennis court, a spa, pedalo cruises and so much more!

Have Fun at the Sajuna Beach Club

Located between Senchi and Atimpoku on the Akosombo road, Sajuna Beach Club is a great place for enjoyment and/or relaxation! A haven for those who love engaging in fun-filled physical activities this spot can boast of kayaks, beach volleyball, rowboats, soccer, basketball, two splash pools, and a water slide. Plus you get to do all this as you enjoy some delicious Ghanaian cuisine.

Go Hiking at the Historical Peki Valley


Peki is a town in the South Dayi District in the Volta Region of Ghana, just over the Adomi bridge, and home to beautiful Peki Valley. There’s so much to do– bike or walk from here to Lake Volta, bunker down at the delightful Roots Yard Lodge, hike the surrounding mountains for great views, or take a guided walking tour through a butterfly-filled forest.

Visit Traditional Drum and Artifact Makers

This is virtually the tourist haven for artifacts in the area, located past the bridge and lining the road on the Asikuma Junction are the traditional drum makers. You can take a drum workshop and learn how to make or play these instruments. The town also produces its own particular type of kente, appropriately called Ewe Kente, wooden sculptures, beadworks, leather bags, earrings, and other African fashion accessories.

Go Fishing at the Volta Lake


As with most tropical rivers, the Volta Lake swarms with schools of tilapia amongst a plethora of other succulent fish species. You get to throw a line or two on platforms at the riverfront and with some skill and luck, you might catch your lunch for the day!

Go Bird-Watching At The Akwamu Gorge

akwamu gorge bird watching

The Akwamu Gorge, for example, is renowned as a bird-watching spot where you get to sight more than 700 extinct bird species. The area is beautiful and houses a plethora of wildlife species. You can also explore the forest surrounding the lake where you will be rewarded for the uphill climb with incredible views looking down on the snaking river.

Go on a Canoe Ride on the Volta Lake

Have an up-close experience of the Volta Lake by trawling its large surface in a traditional fisherman’s canoe. An exhilarating experience for the daredevils who will delight in observing aquatic life while rowing through the water on such a fragile and unsteady vessel.

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