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Apps for Musicians Fenix360

In today’s day and age of technology and the advent of the metaverse. The use of applications and smart tools could define the success of a musician. Below are 10 game-changing apps every musician needs in 2022:

1. FENIX360

FENIX360 is an artist-centric social media app designed to allow an artist with a limited following to have a chance of living off their art. And it is intended to provide users with a more engaging, fun platform. The app is underpinned by blockchain technology and is among the first globally distributed consumer decentralized apps (dApps).

The current version of FENIX360 app is in Google Play and the App Store. If you don’t find it in your region today, it will be rolling out shortly.


A viral video app, TikTok is a short-form, video-sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second videos, on any topic. The TikTok app offers users a wide selection of sounds and song snippets, along with the option to add special effects and filters. 

TikTok has become a go-to platform for discovering new music. Songs that trend on TikTok often end up charting on the Billboard 100 or Spotify Viral 50. And 67% of the app’s users are more likely to seek out songs on music-streaming services after hearing them on TikTok, according to a November study conducted for TikTok by the music-analytics company MRC Data.


This is another viral video app and a go-to platform for discovering new music similar to TikTok. Triller, however, is AI-powered and specifically focused on musical content. The app allows users to create videos by automatically stitching together their 15-second clips into one coherent whole. Users can upload audio or choose songs from the Triller feed for their videos. 

While TikTok features a range of editing tools to give content creators the flexibility of creating the content they want, Triller deploys AI to edit videos for the creator. So, with Triller, you can simply let artificial intelligence compile the best clips for creating a quality video.


With roughly one billion monthly active users, an algorithm that favours high-quality audio-visual content, and integrations to music platforms such as Spotify, Shazam, SoundCloud, etc., Instagram remains one of the best and most cost-effective platforms for artists to promote their music and grow their fanbase. 


In a day and age when video content is one of the lifelines of music marketing, many artists struggle with creating good-quality video content on the go. InShot is a free video editing app that might just be the game-changer! The easy-to-use app allows you to easily edit and manipulate visual content with the tap of a button.


Dropbox is a cloud storage service that lets you save files online and sync them to your devices. Easily access your team’s work from your computer, mobile device, or any web browser. A new way to store, share, & track your work. For musicians who write a lot of songs, or need more space on their phones, Dropbox is the way to go. You can use Dropbox to easily save and store your tunes and work. You can also access it from anywhere in the world as well.


Linkfire is a smart link platform that allows music marketers to create intelligent links that route fans to the music they love within the apps they love! Linkfire’s technology provides major labels and over 50,000 creators with the intuitive design tools, effortless automation, and unparalleled insights they need to grow their careers, while seamlessly connecting billions of fans to their favorite content.


This app can be likened to having a music studio microphone right in your pocket! Dolby On transforms your phone into a powerful recording tool that can be used to record and edit songs, sounds, instruments, rehearsals, voice memos, ideas, lyrics, beats, and more with incredible audio quality.


If Dolby On can be likened to having a studio microphone, then FL Studio Mobile is like having a complete music production environment in your pocket! The app allows you to record, sequence, edit, mix and render complete songs on your device. This way you can work on your mobile projects while on the go then continue in FL Studio and take them to the next level.


Picsart is the largest all-in-one creative platform of photo, video editing, and design tools. For a recording artist, this is app comes in handy when you are quickly wanting a high-quality picture edit for the gram, or even manipulating photos for use as cover artwork for an upcoming release.